A Productive Month Underway

I have a lot of work in the making. And I’m happier than if we were all going to Disneyland.

If you haven’t visited my studio yet, I invite you. Again. It’s a bit of heaven. And very humbling to have people come through, gaze, gauk, and drool over work that I really shouldn’t take credit for. I’m just a vessel, a simple scribe writing and illustrating what Someone else has said.

We had the third annual Celebrate Yorba Linda last week. One woman came in, saw “Every Impending and Perpetual Storm” and immediately broke into tears. Another woman dramatically paralyzed herself and with big eyes whispered “This is a spiritual place.” Others admire the art composition, the implications of a specific work, or the execution of a piece. But I’ve been told ot’s a “spiritual place” before. It’s not because of freaky lights or ethereal minimalist music. It doesn’t even smell good. If it’s any spirit, it is the Holy Spirit commanding light to shine.  My walls are full of God’s Word, calligraphed, designed and illustrated as best I can, to display who He is and what His Son came to do: to make a way to Himself. His Word speaks peace. That’s spiritual.

Please stop by. Maybe call first. 714 390 2088  Studio at Main, 4886 Main Street, Yorba Linda

I have a lot of work in the making this month. But I have time for private classes, or for you to just stop by.

July Calendar






June Calendar

Here is my June… and a few offerings to get you creatively exercised:

June 2016 Printable Calendar

Consistent Cursive – Challenge your strokes, connections, miniscules and majuscules, ascenders and descenders for everyday better writing and for the sheer joy of the oohs and aahs you’ll get from everyone who sees your beautiful script.

Handwriting Without Tears – This is the program intended for California Elementary Education. Kids, you really do need to have nice handwriting.

Family Heritage Sign – Letter your name on wood and the date your wonderful family was established.


Please call or email to reserve space in classes. Also, private instruction is always available. 714 390 2088, or lignwork@gmail.com

There’s SO MUCH going on at STUDIO at MAIN.

Hope to see you soon!

Writing to write…


With anything, consistency is an exercise. I don’t avoid being consistency, just like I don’t avoid having brown eyes. I just don’t. Consistency is not in my chemical/physical/emotional/spiritual/physiological/sensory makeup.

Just ask my kids how many times their mama posted a new chore schedule. For two successful days. Then tried something else. Maybe consistency is just an excuse. Maybe I should label it more  honestly “follow thru”. That’s probably more like it.

OK. I own it.

I will work harder to finish what I start. Beginning with this post.


Staring Inconsistency in the Face

I am starting again.

Yes, even though I have failed 100 times out of 100 at consistently posting and blogging and website managing, I am going for a one hundred and first time at consistently posting and blogging and website managing.

Starting now, January 2, 2016. Gratefully.

GRATITUDE“I maintain that thanks is the highest form of thought, and gratitude is happiness doubled by wonder.” G. K. Chesterton




















A New Place to Work!

With all the busy-ness of the summer past, I have ended it with a major move into a new studio. Brick and mortar. It feels so intelligent a direction. Credible. Crazy. But all in perfect time.

I’m upstairs in an old building in old Yorba Linda, overlooking the quiet, usual goings-on of Thursday on this old street. Downstairs in the front of the gallery is a stunning show. Mine. My stuff, some old, some recent is a reminder to me that art work is work, and takes time. The stuff in the show, shows a progression of style, with a lot of versatility and variety – how a calligraphic piece should be. The illustration embellishes the words; the words being the important part of each work.

So, first of all, if you are in the area, come by. Here’s the official flier with a bit of information…


Drop by at these times, or arrange an appointment. It would be best to call first, so I can straighten my studio and open the front door. Looking forward. Movin’ forward!

More pictures tomorrow!

Launching a Campaign


Irene has the best ideas.

I thought I had more ideas than skin pores, but, Irene knows how to do something with them! It often starts with “Mom, you should…” as in this project. Or campaign. She came up with this phrase. I was sold immediately with her statement of purpose.

In our home we talk about what we yearn to experience in our community, and even globally: peace and reconciliation and civil justice and unity and cooperation. We’re not talking fantasy or fad or fun times. We’re talking values and standards which permeate our Judeo-Christian mindset, though they are not perfectly implemented when the going gets tough, and when I need to exercise kindness, and be brave enough to be silent. We’re talking about including our enemies into our hearts, and embracing sounds and souls of a different drummer. C. S. Lewis, in ‘The Weight of Glory’ strikes at the heart of what I’m trying to say: “the dullest and most uninteresting person you talk to may, one day, be a creature which you worship or, abhor… it is with awe we should conduct all our dealings with one another, all friendships, all loves, all play, all politics”. And I would repeat, all, for therein lies the challenge and therein demands the exercise.


The Bible says, Love is kind; kindness is a fruit of His spirit; there is no law against kindness. And David was encouraged to wait for the Lord, to be brave, and wait for the Lord. Think about it. Exercise kindness. Feel it. Wear it. Wear your kindness bravely. And if you want to take this literally, we’ve made t-shirts, and notecards and signed, embellished prints to share the message: Be Kind. Be brave.


Twenty per cent of sales goes to individuals and families who can’t return the favor. Make this your campaign too! https://www.etsy.com/shop/lignwork


I just found a new word: ensouled.I thought I made it up, then checked. It was already a word! A transitive verb, meaning “endowed, enriched, enlarged, inspired”.

To be ensouled, one must have a Source or Benefactor of that ensoulment – people, places, words, and some things inanimate – both visual and conceptual. And to elaborate, giving significance to this matter, the ensoul-ee becomes constrained to benevolence from the gut, the soul.

I am grateful for my ensoul-ors, contributors to my soul’s health. Not that they were created for me; they only passively participated. I have chosen to suck them into me emotionally, mentally, visually, and thus, practically. I am a satisfied, but not satiated, recipient. Grateful.

Not in any particular order: John Singer Sargent, Brooklyn, Henri Matisse, Thomas Ingmire, Julian Waters, C. S. Lewis, Pirate’s Cove Costa Mesa, in a Delta over the Gulf, Jane, Nancy, the words Grace, Kindness, Safe, Cedar Grove Road, N. Greenwood Ave, Redemption, Alexander Calder, the Hebrew words dayenu and nephresh, Calligraffiti, abandoned drive-ins…

There is in the heavens, and in my heart, the One Source of all life, the Giver of breath and spirit, the Restorer of souls, as King David sang in the twenty-third Psalm. All credit and thanks must go to the Lord, my Shepherd, who is actively participating in my soul’s transforming depth.

How about you?


Marie-Denise Villers,Young Woman Drawing, 1801, oil on canvas. Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York City

Marie-Denise Villers, detail of Young Woman Drawing, 1801, oil on canvas.                                                                    Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York City

Gripping Maternal Observation

This has nothing to do with handwriting. Or calligraphy. Well, maybe only figuratively speaking.

OK, let’s call it, genetic writing.

It’s been interesting to me since I started having kids some 30 years ago. (SO interesting that I made an 11-year span of it, producing 8!) Phil’s grown up looking like his dad. Hope looks like my side of the family. Amelia takes after Ron’s sister. Teresa looks like me, but her nice calves are just like Ron’s mom… In some ways they all look alike, have like interests and like negative traits. They all mumble except Phil. They each dig in their heels when they have to do something new.

My great-grand father.

My great-grand father, Johann Aumuller.

When Michael was really small, probably around 2, he picked up a crumb on the table with his middle finger and thumb. How many people do that? Yet, I’d observed Ron’s dad use that same organization of finger-skill when fiddling with electronics, specifically, his ham radio equipment. Michael had not spent so much time with his Grampa that he decided to copy. No, it was a random genetic quirk. I call it a Renegade Vagus Gene. (Actually I just now gave it that label.)

THESE ARE MY OWN SUBJECTIVE OBSERVATIONS; NOT SCIENTIFIC, PUBLISHED FACTS. (When I click Publish, am I now published? Oooo!) Neither am I attempting to make some point.

It is just my observation over the 198.5 cumulative years I’ve been a mom that children are bits and pieces of their genetic past, yet, astonishingly they are unique and individual and “fearfully and wonderfully made, ” as King David said in one of his psalms.

Here comes the handwriting part…

My Dad. Same pump, 130 years later.

My Dad, Johann’s grandson. Same pump, 130 years later.

I think we learn the fundamentals from a classic foundation. How to print, how to cursive, how to script, or scribble comes from the examples of those around us. How we loop an a, cross a t, or swoop a g, comes from the immeasurable complexity of how we are constructed. A mystery and a marvel to me!

As far as presenting something instructional or practical to this observation – I hope you’re not looking for that – except to  smile or gasp with me at the unfathomable layers of what made up the person sitting next to you.