Writers are encouraged to, firstly, write for themselves. Writing captures and solidifies and commits to a thought. Gives substance to ideas.

So I will try to explain the history behind ‘LIGNWORK.

In 1974, I worked for a graphic designer in Oak Park, Charles Markman. Mr. Markman and I found each other through my friend, Jeannie Zay. He saw in me a bit of talent and drive to produce; I saw in him a massive amount of experience and an enviable stability and contentment. He educated me through new projects. You know those big yellow barrels lined up at freeway exits? Well, I illustrated a Christmas card for the inventor of those things. I got a lot of paste-up work, a few illustrations and a few calligraphy projects. I was good at – and loved – line work.

About the same time, God was tugging at my heart to come along side Him. Shored up and aligned with His purpose. Men and women want to know their purpose in life; but what about understanding His purpose? So, back there some 40 years ago, I stepped into a progressive agreement to align my life with God’s. Hence, lign. The overlapping ‘lign over line, ‘lign upon line, ‘lign under line has to do spiritually with position and adjustment as well as practical markings and tools.

Enough of this meditation, and on to the work of the day…


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