Introducing Mr. Pickering

While in Tucson this weekend, I met an 83-year-old calligrapher. James Pickering, or Jim, was classically-trained in Lancashire, GB since age 10. (That’s how old I was when letters lit my fire!)

He’s done it all – a multitude of hands, depth of research, gilding on parchment – but, his passion and everyday hand is Cantaneo. Beautiful, consistent.

Mr. Pickering’s website is extremely organized and instructional. He answers basic questions, like what is foundational hand? n height? what’s the best ink, paper, instrument for everyday calligraphy? and why. It was such a privilege to meet and speak with him, I want to introduce him to my readers and fellow letter-lovers.

[Introductory exemplar of my everyday italic handwriting]


One thought on “Introducing Mr. Pickering

  1. Beverly ~ It was so nice to meet you today. Sorry for the circumstances of the funeral, but so glad to meet someone who love art and I’m already enjoying your posts. I will save you as a favorite and come back from time to time.

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