I just found a new word: ensouled.I thought I made it up, then checked. It was already a word! A transitive verb, meaning “endowed, enriched, enlarged, inspired”.

To be ensouled, one must have a Source or Benefactor of that ensoulment – people, places, words, and some things inanimate – both visual and conceptual. And to elaborate, giving significance to this matter, the ensoul-ee becomes constrained to benevolence from the gut, the soul.

I am grateful for my ensoul-ors, contributors to my soul’s health. Not that they were created for me; they only passively participated. I have chosen to suck them into me emotionally, mentally, visually, and thus, practically. I am a satisfied, but not satiated, recipient. Grateful.

Not in any particular order: John Singer Sargent, Brooklyn, Henri Matisse, Thomas Ingmire, Julian Waters, C. S. Lewis, Pirate’s Cove Costa Mesa, in a Delta over the Gulf, Jane, Nancy, the words Grace, Kindness, Safe, Cedar Grove Road, N. Greenwood Ave, Redemption, Alexander Calder, the Hebrew words dayenu and nephresh, Calligraffiti, abandoned drive-ins…

There is in the heavens, and in my heart, the One Source of all life, the Giver of breath and spirit, the Restorer of souls, as King David sang in the twenty-third Psalm. All credit and thanks must go to the Lord, my Shepherd, who is actively participating in my soul’s transforming depth.

How about you?


Marie-Denise Villers,Young Woman Drawing, 1801, oil on canvas. Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York City

Marie-Denise Villers, detail of Young Woman Drawing, 1801, oil on canvas.                                                                    Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York City