A Productive Month Underway

I have a lot of work in the making. And I’m happier than if we were all going to Disneyland.

If you haven’t visited my studio yet, I invite you. Again. It’s a bit of heaven. And very humbling to have people come through, gaze, gauk, and drool over work that I really shouldn’t take credit for. I’m just a vessel, a simple scribe writing and illustrating what Someone else has said.

We had the third annual Celebrate Yorba Linda last week. One woman came in, saw “Every Impending and Perpetual Storm” and immediately broke into tears. Another woman dramatically paralyzed herself and with big eyes whispered “This is a spiritual place.” Others admire the art composition, the implications of a specific work, or the execution of a piece. But I’ve been told ot’s a “spiritual place” before. It’s not because of freaky lights or ethereal minimalist music. It doesn’t even smell good. If it’s any spirit, it is the Holy Spirit commanding light to shine.  My walls are full of God’s Word, calligraphed, designed and illustrated as best I can, to display who He is and what His Son came to do: to make a way to Himself. His Word speaks peace. That’s spiritual.

Please stop by. Maybe call first. 714 390 2088  Studio at Main, 4886 Main Street, Yorba Linda

I have a lot of work in the making this month. But I have time for private classes, or for you to just stop by.

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