Home Alone Unadvised.

This is the first morning I’ve had alone at home since school let out in May. Irene is at work. Teresa begins her 4th year at CSULB. Michael starts a new part time job today, and has an English class afterwards at FC.

I have no one to answer to. No one to tell me what I should, or shouldn’t, be doing, and, why or why not more often, or less. A few examples of interchange between me and my adult children on days when one is at home, at the same time as I, are as follows.  Exercise. Water intake. British crime TV.  Regularity. When my daughters, who are mothers, bring me internet advice about handwriting, breastfeeding, or dish washing, I really don’t need this kind of input. But, I have learned to laugh hysterically without changing one facial muscle. (The inner life is so in control!) Then again, maybe I need not presume this is information for me, but for me to agree to? Hmm, something to consider, Mom.

I do appreciate their talent for research and application. Advice I do appreciate – on my time schedule, and when hands-on help comes with it –  may be thus listed… Cleaning, which includes any square inch of any surface of home, garden, cars. Gardening (planting, watering, pruning, de-bugging). Grocery lists and shopping; making/serving/cleaning up breakfast, lunch and dinner…

My kids, all eight of them, grew up with chore lists, charts, stickers and oh-so-inconsistent follow-up from me. How they are responsible and productive young men and women now, is an act of grace on God’s part. Each is exceptional, extraordinary, talented, hard-working, enterprising, industrious, investigative, innovative, creative, as well as social, funny, and service-oriented.

Just yesterday was a beautifully typical example of kitchen choreography. Irene, Mary, Hope each helping with meals, cleanup, babies, diapers, playtime, as well as good interactive conversation. I looked on with pride, admiration and gratitude as the girls worked so well together (while I nursed a sore throat and an oncoming cold.) But speaking of today  without the once-little-ones around, I am enjoying a bit of alone time shuffling through my morning answering to no one, and not getting in anyone’s way.

It’s so quiet.

When does Michael get back?