Home away from Home

I’ve made some changes…

I thought I’d hold off until March to look for a new place, but a door of opportunity opened up for me in Fullerton. I have a cozy little sunshiny office/studio overlooking Chapman. Across the street is Salon 1000, and a little ways down is Zombee Donuts, but from my upstairs vantage, the businesses and winter-sparce trees barely hide the old neighborhood homes. It’s a perfect work space, inspiring and accommodating and oh-so-classy.


On the drawing board, for the next week or so, is a beautiful leather-bound, not-so-blank-now book, filling up with pages and pages of transcribed love letters (really love emails) between an artsy, free spirited woman and a fairly straight-forward, linear-thinking draftsman. All the makings of a lovely novel, but, this is a true and ongoing story. I’m writing the letters with a pointed dip pen, a circa 1913 Edward Todd & Co. little treasure, with walnut ink. “Her” letters are in a vertical script. “His” in all caps, as befits his architectural bent.

…So, back to work. Doing what I love, writing where I love, my home away from home.