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Please see my new website. It’s attractive. Classy, but doesn’t show all my work.

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lots of interest…

in calligraphy, that is.

So good to see. It’s like someone has broken the dam here in Placentia and Yorba Linda. This might just be too big for me. I’ve gained 11 new students and about 8 more coming on. And I’ll keep posting until the interest runs out… and then maybe more.


Class calendar is About Me page.

Home away from Home

I’ve made some changes…

I thought I’d hold off until March to look for a new place, but a door of opportunity opened up for me in Fullerton. I have a cozy little sunshiny office/studio overlooking Chapman. Across the street is Salon 1000, and a little ways down is Zombee Donuts, but from my upstairs vantage, the businesses and winter-sparce trees barely hide the old neighborhood homes. It’s a perfect work space, inspiring and accommodating and oh-so-classy.


On the drawing board, for the next week or so, is a beautiful leather-bound, not-so-blank-now book, filling up with pages and pages of transcribed love letters (really love emails) between an artsy, free spirited woman and a fairly straight-forward, linear-thinking draftsman. All the makings of a lovely novel, but, this is a true and ongoing story. I’m writing the letters with a pointed dip pen, a circa 1913 Edward Todd & Co. little treasure, with walnut ink. “Her” letters are in a vertical script. “His” in all caps, as befits his architectural bent.

…So, back to work. Doing what I love, writing where I love, my home away from home.


20160901_094121-1Getting right to the point with two questions. How do we withstand a “dog-eat-dog world, life constantly up for grabs, with no one, regardless of  nation, country or city, knowing what the next day might bring” ? (a) And, who would think one could find such a contemporary answer in an ancient book called Chronicles?

Chapter 15, God has a timeless promise for Asa, King of Judah, which God honored every day of Asa’s life, and honors anyone who seeks Him.

the Lord is with you when you are with Him. And if you seek Him, He will let you find Him; but if you forsake Him, He will forsake you. For many days Israel was without the true God and without a teaching priest and without law. But in their distress they turned to the Lord God of Israel, and they sought Him, and He let them find Him.”  (b)

Now, my history with God is this. Every time the Lord has tugged at me, (c) and I have responded to follow, I have found Him. Jesus. Answers from Him. Direction. Him. Peace. Him. Jesus. Every time. Sometimes I am not the one putting out the effort to seek the Lord. In fact, sometimes, I don’t want Him to bother me. Until I am distressed or alarmed, I’m reduced to squeak out, “I need You.” The point here is not my unfaithfulness, but His impeccable commitment to faithfulness.

Of course the promise comes with warning – a warning, not a threat – to me, to us, to Asa. The Word truthfully communicates the rough way as well as the smooth. In Asa’s old age, he started having trouble with his feet, and consulted with physicians. Not a bad thing, but, it seems his trust in the physicians must have been to the extent that He completely shut God out. Possibly in his distress, Asa did not turn and seek God. The kind warning is this: IF we trade Him off for something we think is more adequate, more substantial, like Asa did, God will certainly continue to be the gentleman that He is and not force Himself on us, but leave us to our physicians, or whomever or whatever.

The promise to you, me or King Asa, is IF we make a move toward the Lord, He lets us find Him. He’s that accessible. IF in distress, we turn toward Him, He lets us find Him. He’s really quick to pull us to safety. That kind of response from Him! makes me love Him all the more. Whatever the next day brings “grows strangely dim in the light of His glory and grace.” (d)

(a) II Chronicles 15:5 Message    (b) :2 – 4  New American Standard  (c) Song of Solomon 1:4    (d) turn your eyes upon Jesus


Home Alone Unadvised.

This is the first morning I’ve had alone at home since school let out in May. Irene is at work. Teresa begins her 4th year at CSULB. Michael starts a new part time job today, and has an English class afterwards at FC.

I have no one to answer to. No one to tell me what I should, or shouldn’t, be doing, and, why or why not more often, or less. A few examples of interchange between me and my adult children on days when one is at home, at the same time as I, are as follows.  Exercise. Water intake. British crime TV.  Regularity. When my daughters, who are mothers, bring me internet advice about handwriting, breastfeeding, or dish washing, I really don’t need this kind of input. But, I have learned to laugh hysterically without changing one facial muscle. (The inner life is so in control!) Then again, maybe I need not presume this is information for me, but for me to agree to? Hmm, something to consider, Mom.

I do appreciate their talent for research and application. Advice I do appreciate – on my time schedule, and when hands-on help comes with it –  may be thus listed… Cleaning, which includes any square inch of any surface of home, garden, cars. Gardening (planting, watering, pruning, de-bugging). Grocery lists and shopping; making/serving/cleaning up breakfast, lunch and dinner…

My kids, all eight of them, grew up with chore lists, charts, stickers and oh-so-inconsistent follow-up from me. How they are responsible and productive young men and women now, is an act of grace on God’s part. Each is exceptional, extraordinary, talented, hard-working, enterprising, industrious, investigative, innovative, creative, as well as social, funny, and service-oriented.

Just yesterday was a beautifully typical example of kitchen choreography. Irene, Mary, Hope each helping with meals, cleanup, babies, diapers, playtime, as well as good interactive conversation. I looked on with pride, admiration and gratitude as the girls worked so well together (while I nursed a sore throat and an oncoming cold.) But speaking of today  without the once-little-ones around, I am enjoying a bit of alone time shuffling through my morning answering to no one, and not getting in anyone’s way.

It’s so quiet.

When does Michael get back?




Just a Little Story about Fear and Trust



Mom fell. Again. This is the second time she didn’t remember the fall, just the “What am I doing down here?”

Dad called 911; her upper leg was in a lot of pain. The paramedic team took her to ER. At Meese Countryside/Clearwater they scheduled a surgery for her hip. They did a brain scan and a whole body scan and found where she’d had her stroke about 8 years ago, but, nothing about a possible recent stroke.

My Dad gave me all this information just before going to bed, about 6 hours after the fact. I’m glad he did. But, exhausted from the day’s busy-ness, distraught about being across the country, and bothered over all the re-arrangements I need to make of work, classes, plans, promises,etc., I Mahjong-ed myself to sleep.

This morning after updating my brother, sister and uncle, I called to find my Mom rather cheerful. No need for surgery. One Hallelujah. Dad is talking and laughing in the background. Another Hallelujah. And I hear my folks’ Sunday School friends Joan and Cash. If you know Joan and Cash, you know you want them on your team!!

Three Hallelujahs for the God who hears us in our sniveling state, and loves us no less. He is a good, good Father. That’s who he is.  I think, as times get more dire and trust is tested, we will prove His goodness. He will continue to say “I am right here. Rest.” And with every outcome, He will shine faithful.


A Productive Month Underway

I have a lot of work in the making. And I’m happier than if we were all going to Disneyland.

If you haven’t visited my studio yet, I invite you. Again. It’s a bit of heaven. And very humbling to have people come through, gaze, gauk, and drool over work that I really shouldn’t take credit for. I’m just a vessel, a simple scribe writing and illustrating what Someone else has said.

We had the third annual Celebrate Yorba Linda last week. One woman came in, saw “Every Impending and Perpetual Storm” and immediately broke into tears. Another woman dramatically paralyzed herself and with big eyes whispered “This is a spiritual place.” Others admire the art composition, the implications of a specific work, or the execution of a piece. But I’ve been told ot’s a “spiritual place” before. It’s not because of freaky lights or ethereal minimalist music. It doesn’t even smell good. If it’s any spirit, it is the Holy Spirit commanding light to shine.  My walls are full of God’s Word, calligraphed, designed and illustrated as best I can, to display who He is and what His Son came to do: to make a way to Himself. His Word speaks peace. That’s spiritual.

Please stop by. Maybe call first. 714 390 2088  Studio at Main, 4886 Main Street, Yorba Linda

I have a lot of work in the making this month. But I have time for private classes, or for you to just stop by.

July Calendar






June Calendar

Here is my June… and a few offerings to get you creatively exercised:

June 2016 Printable Calendar

Consistent Cursive – Challenge your strokes, connections, miniscules and majuscules, ascenders and descenders for everyday better writing and for the sheer joy of the oohs and aahs you’ll get from everyone who sees your beautiful script.

Handwriting Without Tears – This is the program intended for California Elementary Education. Kids, you really do need to have nice handwriting.

Family Heritage Sign – Letter your name on wood and the date your wonderful family was established.


Please call or email to reserve space in classes. Also, private instruction is always available. 714 390 2088, or

There’s SO MUCH going on at STUDIO at MAIN.

Hope to see you soon!

Writing to write…


With anything, consistency is an exercise. I don’t avoid being consistency, just like I don’t avoid having brown eyes. I just don’t. Consistency is not in my chemical/physical/emotional/spiritual/physiological/sensory makeup.

Just ask my kids how many times their mama posted a new chore schedule. For two successful days. Then tried something else. Maybe consistency is just an excuse. Maybe I should label it more  honestly “follow thru”. That’s probably more like it.

OK. I own it.

I will work harder to finish what I start. Beginning with this post.