About Me

Educated and experienced in old-school graphic arts, my opportunities have included illustration and rendering, logo design and advertising, as well as original art, specifically, framed verse. Much of my commissioned work has slipped by uncopied or unrecorded, some of which is displayed in Nigeria, England, China and Paris. I’m an active Society for Calligraphy member. I teach calligraphy workshops locally in schools, cultural centers, and my Fullerton California studios.

And then there’s art I produce because I want to. A lot of my inspiration – because it’s my life! – comes from truths found and proven in the Bible, God’s Word. Scripture needs to be relevant, and presented in a relevant, contemporary way. I do that with calligraphy and built-letters (yes, T-square and triangle, ellipse guides, etc.) color and movement, gesture, life. Themes include God’s peace, faithfulness, His kingdom, His promises. Foundational assurances for today’s shifting cultural tides. Example shown below.

I make my home in Placentia, California with my equally talented structural-artist husband Ron, and three of my eight amazingly creative adult children.



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